Introducing the CliptagCloud Electronic
Document Management Solution Cliptag Cloud is a unique Electronic Document Management (EDM) solution that’s built for the web and delivers deployment of choice including Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and On-Premise deployment Cliptag Cloud, customers can enjoy the very low overhead and minimal startup investment, easy access via a web browser and the security of a redundant, benefitsproof data center. There is no specialized hardware to manage and there is no up-front capital investment. Although disaster-designed using robust enterprise architecture, CliptagCloud is flexible and affordable to meet the needs of a small office or enterprise environments. Key benefits of the service include: Cost effective Electronic Document Management (EDM) Solution Cloud-based, high speed access from any browser device Leverage smart phones, tablets and laptops Elegant, intuitive design reduces learning curve Quickly streamlines document processes and reduces errors Minimize business risk associated with lost files

Terms & Conditions

Subscription fees and scanning charges are excluding applicable taxes.

Extra storage used will be charged at $225.00 per GB per annum

Subscription fees are payable in advance of service rendering


On-Premise Solution
As a complement to our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, cliptagcloud offers an robust
On-Premise deployment for organizations that wish to install, manage and maintain their EDM installation behind their corporate firewall. CliptagCloud's On-Premise solution includes all the functionality of our SaaS solution. Consider CliptagCloud's On-Premise solution if your business: Requires that all company data reside behind your corporate firewall
Must meet compliance guidelines governing company data management
Has no internet access
Requires user authentication integration with your existing security services such as Microsoft Active Directory / LDAP authentication services. CliptagCloud through Cliptag Services (Pvt) Ltd offers document scanning services to clients requiring this service.
Document scanning can be done on-site i.e. at the client site or off-site (at Cliptag Services’ warehouse location). Uploading to the client’s cliptagcloud environment is also done during the scanning process. Document Scanning & Content Uploading With CliptagCloud's integrated document scanning service it is possible to capture paper based content using any scanner and have it intelligently delivered to CliptagCloud's On-Premise or Cloud solutions – with the touch of a button! By partnering with CliptagCloud, you’ll benefit from a single-vendor approach and customized solutions that accelerate your
business processes, improve decision making organization-wide, and make compliance more achievable.

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